I declare in Jesus’ name that You, Lord, are not ashamed of me. You never leave me nor forsake me, and see me as a conqueror, not a victim. 


I love the account of Jesus telling his disciples to go to the next town to steal a donkey and its colt so he can ride into Jerusalem on what we call “Palm Sunday.” His disciples are stunned, but Jesus says, the following: 

And if anyone says anything to you, you shall say, ‘The Lord has need of them,’ and immediately he will send them.”  – Matthew 21:2

The Lord has need of them. My friends, there is not a lot Jesus needs. As a matter of fact, scripture tells us he only “had need” of something three other times. Twice he asked for a drink and both times never got it. He also needed to go through Samaria (for that first drink he never got) so that woman at the well could become the first Gentile missionary. 

What if the Lord has need of you? What if you’re the donkey? What if you’re like me: the common thing that’s really no big deal at all and the Lord shows up and grabs your reins?

“Pastor Troy, I’m not a donkey. I’m a horse. I’m all about conquest and taking territory. I’m a warrior and I’m not a donkey. No, sir!”

Can I tell you something? It’s OK to be the donkey. We all have some embarrassing things in our lives. Admit it! You have some things that look more like a donkey than a horse in your finances, your relationships and your walk that you’re not proud of. Places that aren’t pretty or dignified. Places that look more like defeat than victory. We all do.

Let me tell you this, though: if you will treat Jesus like the King in that place—if you will worship him as the Lord of Lords and praise him in that place—Jesus will show up and he’ll redeem it. Why? Because the Lord is not ashamed of you. 

While some religious folks may have some things to say about that—and they are never nice things—Jesus himself will show up and say, “I love you and I’m not embarrassed of you. I’m right here, right now and things are going to change for the better.”

Can you be the donkey when the Lord has need of you? When you carry the presence of the Lord into that place, you’ll see redemption and that’s worth waiting for!