I having given you the ability to choose. Choose life. Choose My ways and pursue revival among My people. I will be the strength in your weakness. 


Here’s something crazy cool that I’ve noticed about the Lord: He strengthens us in the places where we pursue Him. We need to pursue revival and we need to go after that and get consecrated toward it. 

 “Blessed is the man whose strength is in You, Whose heart is set on pilgrimage.” – Psalms 84:5

We need to be people who believe the power of revival will show up because we are pursuing it. We need to believe it, walk it out, become consecrated to it, and unplug ourselves from every distraction.

The point is, God blesses pursuit concerning His kingdom. Chances are, if you’re reading this, you’re sitting down. You sat in that chair because you believed it would hold you. Some of you may have tested it first, pushing on it or wiggling it around a bit. However, I’m guessing some didn’t check it at all. I didn’t. 

This is the kind of belief we need when it comes to God’s word. Believe revival, and the power it holds is coming. Pursue it as you ‘pursued’ sitting in that chair. Step into the confidence of your authority. Chase after the Kingdom with all you have knowing He will be your strength. Peter did.

He was walking on the water when he lost focus on Jesus. He was distracted and began to sink. Do you know what else happened? Jesus was right there and to grab him. Keep your eyes on Jesus and revival will follow.