When you are hurt by the rejection of others, know that I feel and understand your pain. In the history of the world, nobody has been more rejected than Me. Don’t give your heart away; give mine. I can take the heartache because I first loved you.


Today, I have great news. The Father wants us to have everything that belongs to Jesus Christ. The role of the Holy Spirit is to reveal to us everything there is to experience and know in Jesus Christ. 

The Holy Spirit is trying to teach us how to stay in the space between the Father and the Son; how to abide in “first love.”

 “As the Father loved Me, I also have loved you; abide in My love.” – John 15:9 

What does it mean to be positioned in first love, between the Father and the Son? It means this: Do I need some resources today? They’re all mine. Those of you who don’t have money to pay your bills, maybe you need to check into first love. 

Those of you who are broken-hearted and hurt – or need a monster miracle – maybe you need to check-in to first love. Those who have no compassion for others – who have been so hurt by people and you disguise it by being part of the church because you were so wronged by others that you have no compassion – I’m talking to you.

Now, I’m not judging. Those of you who can’t truly love others, the reason you’ve been hurt is you’re not dead. Don’t get mad. I love you enough to drop this truth bomb: The only reason it hurts is you’re not in first love. 

If you were in first love, it’d bounce off you because it wouldn’t matter. If you’re standing in first love, you don’t give a piece of your heart because you give a piece of your Father’s heart away, not yours.

First love is all about relationship – yours with God and with others. Abide in His love and loving others becomes a breeze.