Right now, you see Me through a glass darkly. You may not know My face, but you do know My voice, My hand, and My love for you, but I Am so much more. When you seek Me, you will find – one revelation at a time.             


The Holy Spirit loves to partner with the creative part of your mind to come up with theories. Now, the problem with Godly people coming up with theories is they develop methods with their theories, then they tend to form denominations – or non-denominations – around their theories and methods.

While this is not a good thing, theories aren’t the bad guy. Methods are not the bad guy. A theory is only bad when we stamp a label on it and say our theory is God. 

If you think the only way you can be compatible with somebody is if they think exactly like you, that is ludicrous. Actually, that’s religion and it doesn’t work. If you want someone who thinks just like you, do not get married. Do not have kids or friends. People are the problem, not theories.

Here’s what’s real: even the word ‘theory’ has the word “theo” in it. Do you know what “theo” means? It means “God.” That’s where we get the word “theology” – the study of all things pertaining to God. A “theocracy” is government run by priests. 

The Greeks had a place called the Pantheon. It has the word ‘theo’ in it, it’s a place where they worshipped all the gods because they had a bunch and none of them were real.

What’s real is God loves it when you search Him out. He doesn’t mind it when you have a theory about Him – just don’t call that theory by His name. He knows He’s a mystery to you and you have to search out the matter. If you search and keep searching, He’ll lead you to the correct conclusion – He is good. All the time, good.

I would have lost heart, unless I had believed that I would see the goodness of the Lord In the land of the living. – Psalms 27:13