What I have for you is better than what I have for your neighbor. Likewise, what I have for them is better than what I have for you. I take you very personally and would never give you leftover gifts, identity or purpose 


It’s time for a reality check: if you’re not real about boldly pushing into the Promised Land, you’ll put on masks and pretend you have everything figured out. You’ll also think you don’t have faith. 

First, there is a real danger to putting on the church mask – that you’ve got it all together, worked out and prayed up. You pretend you’re a spiritual superhero when you’re really the guy being shaken down by the perp in broad daylight.

Can I tell you something? You can only keep up the super-Christian act for a short while before people start to figure you out. Stop comparing yourself to others – their walk, gifts, and maturity. Comparison kills!

You have to go through the process, develop, and go after the things of God for you and my friend, it’s not a competition. It is a race, but everyone who makes it across the finish line – no matter how long it takes or how ugly the race was – gets the same victor’s crown.

And if you decide you don’t have faith because you’ve been playing the comparison game and losing, you’re dead wrong. 

“Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen” – Hebrews 11:1 

Faith is when you know God and the good things He has for you. When you go after what you hope for, you’ll begin to see exactly how God works for you. It’s the evidence you can point to and say, “I know Jesus is for me because He’s already done this, and this, and this in my life.”

I call that an inventory of faith. Do you have an inventory of faith? Have you trusted Jesus and stepped into Promised Land believing for Jesus to show up? If not, take off your mask and make up your mind to step across that border. Better things await.