When I came the first time, the priests and Pharisees were offended. I was not what they thought. I did not act how they assumed and I did not shower them with praise and attention they thought they deserved. They missed my salvation and my blessings. Will you?


Seeking means “to pursue until you see.” That means you don’t give up. You know what causes you to give up? Offense. 

“But Pastor Troy, you don’t understand! I did this, and God didn’t do that in return so I quit seeking Him.” 

Oh, I understand perfectly. True seekers qualify for finding because the only way you can continue to seek is if you can get past your offense. 

“But, PT, Jesus wouldn’t offend me.” Oh, yes. Yes, He will. 

What is all that about? It’s all about a method. What if Jesus shows up in a different way than you thought He was going to? Can you deal with the offense of that? Because He will. 

Jesus Christ will show up in your life and lead you to a place you were not expecting to go. He’ll show up in a way you did not expect Him to show up and He will do something you didn’t even know Jesus does. You have to be able to deal with the offense of that.

My friends, we have a tendency to put God in a box and say, “God would never….” or “Jesus always…” That’s ludicrous! Jesus goes into prisons, bars and brothels. 

When He doesn’t jump through your hoops, fit the mold or meet your holier than thou criteria, are you going to get offended, stop seeking and walk away? Many do. But that’s not you. You are a seeker and you will find. You will know and the door will be opened.

The discretion of a man makes him slow to anger, and his glory is to overlook an offense. – Proverbs 19:11