Though the natural children of Abraham are a stiff-necked people, they are My people. Just like a headstrong child, I love them and see their great potential. Just like that, I see your purpose for the Kingdom. Testify of Me to both Jew and Gentile.


I love that before He took on flesh and became the Son of God, Jesus’ name in heaven was “The Word” as in “the Word became flesh and dwelt among us.” That Word spoke time, space and matter into existence and is also testified to by the Word – the Bible.

 “Search the scriptures; for in them ye think ye have eternal life; and they are they which testify of me.” – John 5:39

Jesus is telling His disciples and you to get to know the Bible, not because there’s life in the Bible but because “the Bible testifies of Me and there’s life in Me.” 

The guy who started the whole Bible is a guy by the name of Moses. We look at Moses very differently than our Jewish brothers and sisters do. Because of this, I want to just encourage you as a gentile, which I am, to look into the Jewish customs and perspective.

Why? Because so many Jewish things are not just Jewish things – they’re Kingdom things. 

Well, how come the Jews don’t get it that Jesus is the Messiah they’ve been waiting for? Because they’re the only nation in the world that obeys the Lord, that’s why. They do it with such fervor and conviction that they were busy living the letter of the law instead of looking for the Lord.

So, don’t be mad at them. By the way, as a Christian, you are also a child of Abraham. You and I rotten old bacon-eating Gentiles are his supernatural seed – the “stars of the sky.” The Jews are his natural children or the “sands of the seashore.”

My friends, pray for your Jewish brothers and sisters, that they would recognize their long-awaited Messiah, King Jesus. Pray for the peace of Jerusalem. I don’t mean the absence of conflict. I’m talking about the presence of the Prince of Peace ruling and reigning in the hearts of the Jews. 

Pray that the scriptures testify of Jesus to His covenant people today and every day.