I Am a sovereign God. My ways and thoughts are higher than yours. Believe Me when I tell you I work all things for your good because that is who I Am. I Am good. 


There’s an amazing woman in the Bible. She wasn’t a Jew, but she was following King Jesus looking for a word. She needed healing and was desperate. What did Jesus do? He called her a dog. 

Look it up! It’s in the Bible. She was so persistent, she was getting on the disciples’ nerves. Jesus picked up that vibe and He’s like, “Watch how the disciples approve of me offending this person because she’s not only a woman but a Gentile.” 

So Jesus says, “Excuse me, ma’am. I don’t really have anything for you because what I have is for the children of God and not for dogs.”

Ladies, would that sit right for you? You go to Jesus and you think He’s the most magnificent person in the world. You think He’s the most beautiful thing ever. You know He’s the Son of God, you know He has life and He says, “Uh, sorry! I don’t have anything for dogs.”

Here’s what that woman said: “You’re calling me a dog? Well, that means I get to sit under Your table and eat the crumbs that fall off.” She refused to leave. She refused to think Jesus wasn’t good after all.

He didn’t say that to humiliate her but to expose the fact she refused to be offended. She was going to seek Him and seek Him until she finally got something. Then He turns around to disciples and He’s like, “Boom! Look at this lady! I wish you guys were like her.”

I love that story. It’s offensive yet, heaven invades earth in that place. So, what about you? Do you let yourself get offended by the Bible, the preacher, the people sitting next to you or the pastor on TV? Do you get offended at God when He doesn’t answer your prayers when or how you thought He would?

Remember, God is good despite what your eyes see. He has something for you and even His crumbs are better than anything this world has to offer. Refuse to be offended.

“And blessed is he who is not offended because of Me.” – Luke 7:23