I had a plan when I sacrificed My only Son for you.  I have saved you for a purpose. Trust that. Learn of My ways and co-labor with Me. I promise you won’t regret it.


Once you start pursuing the heart of Jesus with all your might, you’re going to start pursuing excellence. Pursuing excellence is a matter of a whole-hearted endeavor. Just ask Solomon.

“Whatever you find to do, do it with all your heart.” – Ecclesiastes 9:10

Along the same lines, Deuteronomy 6 and Matthew 23 say, “Love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, with all your mind…”  When you get to know His heart, your desires will become His desires and vice-versa.  

To prove the point, one of my favorite scriptures is what one leper says to another as they’re sitting by the gate to the city begging: 

“Why should we sit here, waiting to die?” – 2 Kings 7:3

Sometimes, there needs to be a moment of clarity. “I have been sitting here for ten years, waiting on this thing to change and it hasn’t changed. I’m not sitting here anymore. I have to do something different. I’ve got to get up and show my intention to fight. I have to repent of sitting here and calling it holiness.” 

Inactivity is not holiness. Heaven is such a busy place and the Spirit of God is crazy busy. It’s hard to decipher at times whether or not we should “wait on God” not doing anything or “take an action to co-labor.” Yes, there’s a big difference. 

It’s important to have a personal relationship with Him so you can simply ask if He wants you to wait or work with Him for a result. He will direct your paths, which is Proverbs 3:6. 

He has chosen you to be a star player on His team. Wait when needed. Observe, learn and grow. When you know His Spirit has asked you to move, move with boldness and authority–trusting that He has gone before you. 

If whatever you find to do, you do it with all your heart, it makes no difference if you clean toilets, preach from a nice pulpit or fly a jet plane for the military. You are doing as if you are doing it for Him.