You have been set apart through the acceptance of My Gift, My sacrifice. Be in this world, not of it and you will endure to the end. If you endure, they will be saved.


You and I need to have a different Spirit. As this world is losing its mind, we need to have something very, very different about us.

Because you’re not walking and talking like the world and drinking the cool-aide the world is serving up, you need to know your walk is going to be controversial. 

Folks are not going to like it. People who say they hate slavery will hate you for saving people out of slavery. People who say they care about the hungry and the homeless will try to talk you out of feeding and helping those very people. How does that work? 

In their theater of drama, it just works. People who don’t like truth compensate. They exchange truth for drama. 

In this day of instability, you need to have a stability that comes from the Presence of the Lord no matter what it is you’re working through. Today, I want to help you through that.

Dealing with controversy means learning where to draw a line and where do you not draw a line. A line tells you and the world where you stand and where do you not. Do not stand with the mob. Do not stand in a dramatic place. 

Stand with Jesus. Have a different spirit and stand up for Truth – it’s also the Way and the Life! Be watchful, stand firm in the faith, act like men, be strong. – 1 Corinthians 16:13