How My heart aches when you fail to understand the vastness of the inheritance I have for you. It is real. It is yours. All authority and power to crush the enemy are yours.


I want to encourage you to go through Psalms 8. It’s all about the majestic side of God and, my friends, His indescribable majesty is something all of us need to tap into.

“O Lord, our Lord, how majestic is your name in all the earth!” – Psalms 8:9

You know what? Each of us has this giant hole in our life that only God can fill. We have to recognize that and embrace His willingness to fill it! 

It’s His joy, His willingness to be that for you! It’s His willingness to give you the Kingdom. Jesus says, “Fear not little children. It is the Father’s good pleasure to give you the kingdom.” It doesn’t wear Him out to be your Daddy. It makes Him happy. 

Do you know Him as your Daddy? Do everything you can do to learn how to approach God in a relationship as His son or daughter, and not just a servant. Servants don’t know what the master is doing. They have no rights and no inheritance. In short, a servant is an orphan.

Jesus’ blood paid for you to be a joint heir – to share in His inheritance, eat at His table and have access to all the power and authority that He has. Are you a member of the family or a servant? Are you a beloved child or an orphan?

Let the majesty of Jesus overwhelm you. Let Him fill that empty space in your heart. Surrender those strongholds in your life and let your inheritance take root. It’s indescribable.