You are a reflection of Me – of My generosity, My kindness, My compassion and My love. The family resemblance is clear on your face. You’ve got your Father’s heart. 


In case you missed it, the Bible says there will be a test on your life. It’s a test of holiness and you can never pass. Yup. No matter how hard you study, no matter how good a student you are, you cannot pass this test.

Before you are overcome with panic wondering why God has set you up to fail, know this: He’s set you up for an A+. 

“But Pastor Troy. If I can’s pass but God has set me up for the top score, that doesn’t make any sense. You’ve lost your mind!” My friend, I am sober as a judge when I tell you the Lord Jesus Christ has given you the cheat sheet. Heck, the Lord Jesus Christ IS the cheat sheet!

If you give your heart to King Jesus, He has aced that test for you. The day you gave your heart to Him, He took your test, gave you His A+ score and marked that down in Heaven’s grade book. That’s called the Good News. 

Here’s even better news: now you can serve others! When you stand before the Lord, you will be judged on how well you served not so Jesus can scold you or punish you, but so He can reward you for all the awesome ways you brought the Kingdom of Heaven to earth. 

When this judgment comes, it will be a good day and not a bad day. He’s going to fit you with some crowns and you’ll see exactly what the King of Kings thinks of you. You’re His hands, His feet, His voice and He is proud of you.

Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up. – Galatians 6:9