My heart hurts when I see what you’ve hidden in shadow, afraid I will reject you like so many in the past. I Am the God who sees. I see your hurt, your shame, and your failure. I Am not disgusted. No. I Am able – able to do what you cannot. Open the door and I will come in. 


Getting the “inside scoop” is what intimacy is all about. It’s the privileges that come with relationship.

Whether you’re a friend, family, or a bride – every relationship you have has a level of intimacy attached to it. The level of intimacy you give others is a really big deal, right? Your boss may be nice, but he doesn’t have the same level of intimacy to your heart as your spouse does. 

It’s that way with Jesus too. While He loves us all and knows every thought we think, He’s first and foremost a gentleman. He gave us free will to choose or reject Him, so He waits to be invited into relationship. He is also patient as we let Him into more and more places in our life – especially those places that are painful.

It took me a long time to invite Jesus into my finances. It really did. I was ashamed and didn’t want to admit what a failure I was. Do you know what happened when I finally let Him into that arena? He cleaned it up and showed me how to steward my money and supernaturally gain wealth.

As a young man, I had anger issues. When Jesus first went off like a bomb in my life, I was a grade-A mess. Jesus loved me from the beginning and took on my mess one thing at a time. Anger was a tough box for me to open in front of Him.

Yes, He had seen me angry and yes, I knew I could trust Him with it. I just didn’t want to face the root of all that anger. For all the pain, shame and rejection I had tried to hide from even myself, Jesus had lived with that and more. He took that Pandora’s box and I haven’t seen it since.

That’s intimacy. Letting Him in on the broken and dark places you don’t want to face and trusting Him to shine some light in there. To bind up, clean up and set some things in order. Give Jesus the inside scoop and see what freedom really is.

The Lord will indeed give what is good, and our land will yield its harvest. Righteousness goes before Him and prepares the way for His steps. – Psalm 85:12-13