I Am not a control freak. I have no agenda outside of freedom. Follow Me into the Promised Land of blessings and honor. Where My Spirit is, you are free. 


When you come before King Jesus, He will set you free. At the Food Bank, if we say we’re going to give away free food, guess what we do? We give away free food. 

Now, this is a peculiarity among the body of Christ. Because they say, “Come for free food but you have to go to church here. You have to go through this program and that program and prove you’re poor by giving us all your financial records or we won’t feed you.”

You can’t smoke a cigarette or drive a nice car. “By the way,” they ask you, “What’s your proof of residence and do you have a social security number?”

Are you high? People do that in the name of Jesus when the agenda of Jesus is to set people free. So many times, the agenda of the body of Christ is to control others and turn them into clones or religious mini-me’s. That’s not freedom, my friends. 

If we say the agenda of Jesus Christ is to set people free, if we say that God so loved the world that He gave – if we’re going to use His name – then guess what we ought to do? We ought to freely give. 

At OpenDoor Church and OpenDoor Food Bank, we’re not doing this for them to come to our church. We’re doing this because we are the Church. They don’t owe us anything! We offer them food in a way that demonstrates the freedom Jesus bled and died to give us. 

Are you in mental, physical or spiritual bondage and you’re tired of being a slave to wrong thinking or other people’s opinions? Be set free. My Spirit is here. 

 But the Scripture has confined all under sin, that the promise by faith in Jesus Christ might be given to those who believe. – Galatians 3:22