My Word says you did not choose Me. I chose you. I did. I have chased through the mud and storms to rescue you. Come to Me and learn of a love like you’ve never known. 


C.S. Lewis called King Jesus “the hound of heaven.” King David said, “even if I make my bed in hell, there You are.” Ask God to show you how He’s chased you down because, if you’re not convinced that He has, He has. You’re just not seeing it. 

Yes, I’ve learned to pursue things because the Lord God blesses pursuit. Religion will tell you to wait and do nothing. Religious folk will use this scripture to justify their inability to act or get involved:

“Those that wait upon the Lord will renew their strength…” – Isaiah 40:31

Waiting doesn’t mean inactivity. 

When you go to a restaurant you have a waiter or a waitress. Waiting means serving, going after it, being consecrated and being somebody going after the presence of God in a radical way. 

A good waiter or waitress will be watching, looking to see if you might need something from them. They are checking the status of your request and preparing things you may need like ketchup, salad dressing, or more water. 

When the time comes, they are quick to deliver your request. Now that you understand waiting is not just hanging out while time passes, but is actually serving, let me ask you this: Are you waiting on God? 

Have you prepared anything for when the time comes? When God asks you to act – and He will – are you ready? Have you fortified yourself with His full armor? Is your oil lamp empty or full? 

It’s one thing to believe in God. It’s another to want to be used by Him and for His glory. Here’s where it gets deep my friends: are you content to sit and watch God work, or do you want to partner with Him to actually make a difference? Stop running, allow Him to catch you.