My love, My time and My attention are deeper than the ocean and higher than the heavens. These things are limitless. You can have as much as you want. Put out your hands…


You qualify for higher revelation and deeper experience as you conform your life to the image of God’s plan. How does that work? Relationship quantifies you for intimacy. 

“Don’t you mean ‘qualifies,’ Pastor Troy?” No, I do not. You see, intimacy is quantifiable and increases with deeper knowing. With the quantity of relationship, you get the quantity of intimacy, revelation, knowledge, or secret experience. BOOM!

“Well, Pastor Troy, it seems to me some people experience God in different ways than other people.” Yes, they do. “Well, that brings me to the conclusion that God loves some people more than others.” Can I just call “baloney” on that?

Here’s what’s real: Some people have a different relationship with God than other people because relationship quantifies you for intimacy. 

Some people really go after a deep relationship with The Lord while some are okay with just having real estate in heaven. While being saved is great, it’s just the first word of a great big book testifying of the goodness of God and the identity, purpose, and destiny He’s given you.

Are you happy with the first word of the story? Or do you want to write a great big glorious ending that will have the Lord smiling and saying, “This is My beloved son and I’m so happy with Him”?

You decide what quantity of relationship are you going to have with Him. But remember this: You don’t go to the ocean that is Jesus with a teaspoon. Believe me, you want to jump into the deep end of that experience. 

And this is eternal life, that they may know You, the only true God, and Jesus Christ whom You have sent.  – John 17:3