You are My beloved. I whisper deep and meaningful mysteries into your heart. Do you hear them? Let Me be your love. Tell Me what is in your soul so I can make you whole.


God hears your prayers right where you’re at. That, I promise you. However, you go to special places for special prayers to get special outcomes. The One who instructs us to do that is Jesus. 

“But you, when you pray, go into your closet, and when you have shut your door, pray to your Father who is in secret, and your Father who sees in secret will reward you openly.” – Matthew 6:6

Matthew 6:6 is interesting to me. The number six has to do with man or the flesh. Anytime you see the number twice, it’s as a witness to mankind. Maybe that’s why there are 66 books in the Bible – it’s a witness to mankind.  

So, this witness to man in Matthew 6:6 is Jesus telling us there are things you talk to Him in private that you don’t pray in the open. As a matter of fact, He says you need to shut the door. 

Is it magic to shut or open a door? No. It’s that this is a “secret place” type of prayer and He’s saying you need to learn to match your environment with the prayer you’re praying and even the outcome you’re looking for.

Atmosphere is such a big deal. You have to line up the environment to what is in your heart. That includes the atmosphere, the setting and for more public prayers, even the culture. It’s about being intentional with God in your relationship just as you are intentional with people.

You don’t have intimate or revealing conversations in a crowd. Just like that, you don’t take your spouse away to a candle light dinner to gripe and complain. If you do, the result will not be what you were hoping for.

Consider your prayers. What result do you want? Set the atmosphere and enter in with a heart set on hearing Him speak to you. Let the desires of your heart, your petitions, and declarations go from your lips to God’s ear.