I know the plans I have for you, but do you know them? Follow your heart. Serve, minister to the lost and hurting, and spread kindness so those who don’t know Me will see My goodness in you. 


As America is bound and determined to be more and more and more Roman, our society becomes more like the floor of the coliseum. The reason I say that is to say this: have a different Spirit than what the world has. 

Have a different heart. Be somebody who does not answer evil for evil, but answers evil with the goodness of God. 

You don’t answer evil with a bigger evil. That’s not what the Body of Christ does. Can you say amen to that? And here’s what else you don’t do: you don’t answer everybody who wants you to come down from building the wall that God Almighty called you to build. 

Feeding the hungry, rescuing girls from sexual slavery and giving orphans a home are the walls I’m called to build. I don’t come down from kingdom projects and get out of alignment from those things to answer my critics. You shouldn’t either. 

Nehemiah didn’t when three evil men wanted to top him from rebuilding the wall that protected Jerusalem during the Babylonian captivity, and those brothers tried four times!

But they were scheming to harm me so I sent messenger to them with this reply: “I am  carrying on a great project and cannot go down. Why should the work stop while I lear it and go down to you? – Nehemiah 6:2b-3

Are you letting the world pull you away from your assignment? Stay on that wall and answer your critics with kindness, love and dig deep for that self control. Be of a different spirit – the Holy Spirit.