My plan for your life is for your good, not your harm. Trust Me even when it seems nothing is going right. Keep your eyes on your destiny. Rejoice with those who prosper and they will do likewise. 


When God called the children of Israel to be a nation, one of the things He did not allow them to have was horses. Check it out. They’re always riding donkeys. 

We’re talking about the Middle East–Arabia–where they have some of the best horses in the world. Why didn’t the Jews get to have horses? Because horses are animals of conquest and God didn’t want them going out into other nations, 

He wanted them managing the thing that He had given them to manage. I call that alignment for assignment. 

He didn’t want them looking over into other countries and wanting to fool around with some of the things they had. You need to manage what God Almighty has given you to steward. 

“But Pastor Troy, the grass is greener on the other side of the fence. Someone else is prospering and if I can just get to their field, I can prosper too.”

That, my friend, is called coveting and it’s a major no-no with the Lord. He doesn’t want your eyes on the good things others have. Those are their blessings based on His relationship with them. It’s what they were made for and what they can handle. If you horn in on that, it will blow up in your face.

Instead, like the children of Israel, focus on what the Lord has given you. Trust is the key. You have to trust God that He’s given you the best for your calling and destiny. When you get your eyes on your prize, you can accomplish great things for the Kingdom. 

Want to prosper? Trust the Lord for your donkey and let the horses go.

Some trust in chariots and some in horses, but we trust in the name of the LORD our God. – Psalms 20:7