You don’t have to hide your faults from Me. I see them, just not as you do. I see the great strength your weakness truly is. I see the great results your failures will achieve in your character. I see your true identity because it is a reflection of Me. 


Father God is a giver. He’s the most giving person ever and our blueprint for how you and I should give – generously. 

The Bible says one of the things He will give us is that we’ll learn to walk in the newness of life. “But Pastor Troy, I’m 40 years old. How can I have newness of life when I’ve got so much baggage and such a long way to go?”

Once you get yourself saved and start walking with God, newness is just part of the package. You don’t have to earn it. It’s His gift to you as you begin to figure out that your identity is not who everybody has always said you are. It’s also not who you’ve always thought you are.

Your identity is who God says you are. 

Let me say that again – your identity is who God says you are and, my friend, your Abba Father has nothing bad to say about you. Those failures from the past? He sees the victory He brought out of them. Your lack? He sees the abundance He has and is providing.

God created time so He could do a great big work of redemption in you and me. When you become a new creation in Christ, all that junk from your past is gone. The word says He has literally thrown that trash to the ends of the universe and beyond.

…as far as the east is from the west, so far has he removed our transgressions from us. – Psalms103:12

This is my confidence and let it be yours too: Father God has given you a new life. Don’t run back to the old ways. Let that baggage go and be who He says you are – worthy.