Just as the way to the throne room is through the servant’s quarters, the way to My table is through the living room. I desire you to be family. That requires time, transparency and trust. Live life with Me so I can take you to your destiny.


Co-laboring with God is a process you have to learn. It doesn’t just happen automatically. You need to be dedicated to and committed to the process as each new layer is added. 

You learn how to hold on to your dreams – those “babies” you want to see born. See, what God desires is fruit. Fruit is what happens when the seed is planted and the harvest is cultivated and that doesn’t just happen with a snap of your fingers. You don’t learn God in the miracles. You learn God in the process to those miracles. 

God Almighty did miracles for Israel over and over again and they turned their backs on Him. Only the people who were willing to go through the process and learn intimacy with Him as they walked with Him had fruit in their lives. 

You and I want to say the magic words and “Poof” this thing you want magically happens. When you just want the result without the process, when you want intimacy without relationship, that’s rebellion against God. Ouch!

We can’t rebel against God and say, “I want the benefits of knowing You, but I don’t really want to know you.” He will not honor that. 

What does He honor? Effort, hard work, time, commitment. You have to labor toward some things and relationship with God is one of them. You have to carry some things through the process and walk it all the way through even when the road is tough. 

Think of it like an ox. If you’re yoked together with God, but you don’t want to move forward with Him, you’re going to have a giant pain in the neck! You must work with Him for fruit in your mind, ministry, marriage, family, job, and your words.  

Are you unequally yoked? If you are, that’s on you! God’s going in the direction of your destiny. You best be going His way.