Just as I have created you be an individual, I have given you individual purposes and dreams to fulfill. You are not like anyone else. You are you. Don’t be yoked with someone not headed in your direction.


Co-laboring with God doesn’t just happen. It’s a process you need to be dedicated to as each new layer is added. Sometimes, that new layer is a who and not a what.

In the Church, we all have the same goal to see the lost found and the dead raised to life, amen. How each of us goes about that is personal and part of our individual Kingdom assignment. There are people we can partner with, and others who may want the same results, but don’t respect the process we’re working through. 

Think of it like a field. One of the laws in the Old Testament is you do not muzzle an ox with a donkey. In other words, be careful who you work with and who you do life with. Be equally yoked. 

Now, we’re talking about church folk here. Hear me say this: I do not believe that being unequally yoked is just limited to Christians hooked up with non-Christians. No. It’s within the Body of Christ. Within your walk, you can be yoked up or laboring with somebody who doesn’t have any value for what you’re responsible for. They will not only slow you down, but pull you off track and it messes up the harvest. 

The Bible tells us of two men who trusted each other and were brothers in the faith. Barnabas, who once spoke up for Paul, had a spat with him and the word says this: 

“Their disagreement was so sharp that they separated. Barnabas took John Mark with him and sailed for Cyprus. Now, they both went on to spread the Gospel, just not together.”  – Acts 15:39

It’s OK to unmuzzle from people not going in your direction. In fact, God applauds us when we can get into alignment for our assignment and not be bogged down by those not running the same direction as us. 

Who are you co-laboring with? Are they advancing your relationship with Jesus and moving your dream for the Kingdom in the right direction? If the answer is no, spread the Gospel, just not together!