Focusing on your problems makes them seem bigger. Wallowing in defeat results in becoming stuck in the mud of self-pity. Look to Me. Walk with Me. I want to make you a new creation today and every day.


As human beings, we are incredibly aware of how much we are losing. When I say losing, I mean “not winning.” I’m not calling you a loser because we all get handed defeats in life. It’s how we get up after we’ve been knocked down that matters.

God Almighty had this in mind when He created you to have a need for newness. You have to change your awareness about the negative or you’ll never get to the positive, amen. Your awareness in the flesh is all about what you deserve, what your rights are, and what you need/want. 

But the awareness of your Spirit is different. 

Your Spirit awareness is the presence of God. It’s who He is to you and who you are to Him. That’s a good question to ask yourself in every situation, “Who does the Father want to be to me in this?” 

“But, Pastor Troy, you don’t know how bad I’ve screwed up. God couldn’t advance me or use me.” Hogwash! I don’t need to know how bad you’ve screwed up. Instead, what you need to know is who the Father wants to be to you in the midst of your giant mess! 

“Fear not, little children, it is the Father’s good pleasure to give you the Kingdom.”  – Luke 12:32

It doesn’t wear Him out to see you fall or fail again. I’m going to give you a great heads up that religion has never told you: King Jesus does not hate your humanity. He hates your slavery – slavery to sin, self, death, Satan, and even to the voices that call you, “Loser!” 

You and I need to be more aware of His presence than we are aware of how we’ve been ripped off, how many times we’ve been defeated or what we’ve lost. We need to be more transformed and renewed than beat up and hurting. That comes from walking in newness of life.

Ask your Father for newness. He wants to give you fresh eyes and a different perspective. His mercies are new every morning. New in the Kingdom is always better!