I have given you My mind. You have the ability to tap into it, along with My heart. Love what I love and work to redeem what I hate. You were made to bring life.


While there are so many great theologians that teach so many wonderful things about the seven churches listed in Revelation, I think there are lots of different layers of revelation about these churches that we tend to miss.

We also tend to miss how those churches pertain to our lives. They are us.

When you look at how Jesus judges the churches, He bases it off three things: 

What do you love? 

What do you hate? 

What is it that moves you?

The Church has failed in teaching the Body of Christ what we should hate. The opposite of love is not hate, the opposite of love is selfishness. So what should we hate? Anything God hates!

We should hate slavery, poverty, deception, corruption, curses, persecution, homelessness, double-mindedness, loneliness, sickness, death – are you getting my drift? 

If these things don’t motivate you to bring the Kingdom of heaven to earth, your faith may be weak, lukewarm or dead. But I have good news for you. 

If you want to know how Jesus rules and reigns in the midst of a church that is dead? Read Revelation 3:1-6. How does Jesus rule and reign with a church that is weak, but they are faithful? Read Revelation 3:7-13. How does Jesus rule and reign in the midst of a people that are lukewarm, read Revelation 3:14-22.

My friends, we are the church -– you and I. Know what you love. Know what you hate and what moves you. Align that with the Father and see how He uses you today.