I desire more than anything for you to walk with me. I won’t yell. You must be quiet at times to hear me. Trust My Holy Spirit to guide you. Trust My word. Trust I will take care of you.


If it’s so normal to pray in the Bible with hands stretched out, why is it taboo in the Church? We need to check our dignity at the door as we go after the deity of Jesus. 

There are so many patterns and scriptures in the Bible about how to do things in a Kingdom way. However, in the church, because we value our dignity and control so much, we don’t allow Jesus to be King. 

We need quiet listening time and intimacy with God, alone and as a congregation. This is vital for a believer! For God to move a certain way, sometimes we just have to be quiet. We have to learn stillness in how we live our lives if we’re going to bring stillness into this place – the church. 

We know what stillness is. It’s trust, surrender and it’s expectancy. Trusting and surrendering to the Lord because you know He’s awesome even when you don’t know what He’s going to do. 

Who has known the mind of the Lord? Or who has been His counselor?” – Romans 11:34

Certainly not me, nor you for that matter. If the Jews and early church believers prayed with hands raised to the heavens, why do we think it’s odd? I think we care too much about what “sister Susie Rottenheart” might think of us. 

How about we concern ourselves with what God thinks of us? In Romans 1:16, Paul states he is not ashamed of the Gospel. Are you? I promise you, this ol’ boy from Johnson County is not.