Are you looking to My coming on the clouds? I Am returning for a bride, My beloved Church. I sacrificed all to acquire her. Make yourself ready. I Am coming soon. Watch with expectation.


I love the book of Revelation, which John himself named “The Revelation of Jesus Christ.” To me, this book is a great comfort, but most people think the Revelation of Jesus is the worst thing that could even happen. Why? Because the word “revelation” also means “apocalypse.”

Apocalypse does not mean total disaster – the end of all things. The word apocalypse means you finally get to see the thing you’ve really needed to see. It means, ‘Tada!’ It’s the revealing or the unveiling. It’s like being at a party and hearing the shout, “Surprise!”

It’s a good thing.

The revelation, the apocalypse, or the unveiling of Jesus Christ to John was incredible. The brother was whisked off the planet, traveled through time and space, and ended up in the heavenly realm. It’s just off-the-chain, stupid cool.

Why? Because Revelation is a book of majesty. Majesty is how Jesus rules and reigns. It’s what things are like when He’s in control and has dominion over something. The book of Revelation is about how Jesus rules over all. And what is it like when Jesus has dominion – when He rules and reigns?

It’s peace. That’s what it is – peace.

Mark the perfect man, and behold the upright: for the end of that man is peace. – Psalms 37:37

The end of the Bible isn’t the end. It’s peace and that’s your end as well if you love Jesus and are awaiting the apocalypse. Peace be with you!