I love to open doors to you. I want to pour blessings from the windows of heaven. Do you believe it? Go after it. Speak to Me, child. Tell Me the desires of your heart and watch heaven move. I’m waiting. 


Confession is so important, but I’m not talking about standing before a priest or even the Lord in shame and listing all your sins for the day, the week or the year. I’m talking about the kind of confession that God responds to.

The truth is, confession is when you verbalize how God cherishes you. It’s when you say, “Father, I know you love me. I know you made this sunrise just for me to see and enjoy. You’re calling me this morning.” That is confession and it opens a door to the heavenly realm.

Then there is proclamation. That’s when you verbalize what God is doing because you know God cherishes you and it’s all about trusting His nature. It’s saying, “I proclaim your goodness in my life because you making my relationships new right now. I see you softening hard hearts, including mine.” Proclamation sets up declaration.

Declaration is verbalizing what you know is going to happen. It’s where we speak into the heavenly realms to release angels to perform the word. It’s when we say stuff like, “I declare supernatural abundance on my family. I declare prosperity is mine because I trust you to give back what the enemy has stolen.”

Did you catch that?  Confession is past, proclamation is present, and declaration is future. You trust in God and say, “You know what? Time isn’t going to beat me up because the Word says my words are game-changers. 

“The power of life and death is within the tongue.” – Proverbs 18:21

Today, I want you to read this aloud unto the Lord and call down the heavens to move on your behalf: 

I confess my love for you Jesus and your love for me in 2019. 

I proclaim and I make known that this is my year – a new season of abundance. 

It’s a brand new time where I am full of overcoming victory. 

I declare the Lord will accomplish what concerns me. 

I will go further, higher, better and get there faster than any year before.

I am Yours and You are mine in the mighty name of Jesus. Amen

Do you know what, hell just trembled because those angels just went to work. You’re a bad motor scooter, so prove it every day by confessing, proclaiming, and declaring God’s identity, purpose and destiny over yourself. The devil hates that!