I Am a God who sees the big picture. You may not know where you are called to be, but I do. Partner with the Holy Spirit and listen for My direction. I will align you for your assignment. Stop fighting me.


In Isaiah 6, Isaiah had a vision where he realized he was unclean. He is a bit embarrassed and claims “woe is me.” Just a few lines later, God Almighty asks who will go to tell the world how awesome He is and Isaiah, despite being the only mess in heaven, grabs the opportunity.

“Here, I am, send me!” – Isaiah 6:8

He goes from “woe” to “go” – from “woe is me” to “send me.” What happened? Revival happened. Personal transformation. A personal revolution caused him to change everything.

People begin to live out assignment in revival. When you do not fight the battles you are assigned to fight, you end up fighting battles you have no grace for. When you refuse to be the person God has called you to be, when you refuse to stand in the place God has called you to, you end up in places where you get beat up.

So, part of assignment is alignment. When revival comes, alignment and assignment happen. You can be married and be out of alignment with your spouse. You can have kids and be out of alignment with them. Because you’re out of alignment, the power of God is not flowing through that. 

Because you’re not in alignment with the right people, you are suddenly in alignment with the wrong people. Then, all kinds of problems happen. You and I have to guard our hearts and make sure we are in alignment for our assignment. 

If you’re not sure where you are meant to be, ask God. He’ll be more than happy to guide you where He needs you.

Are you feeling a bit like the prodigal son these days? Get in alignment. Surrender to God Almighty and He will make your assignment clear. Trust His plan for you and revival will happen. He’s waiting with open arms.