I know My plan for you, but do you? I can only lead you to where you will follow, and your destiny is only found if you seek it. Are you seeking and asking? Knock and I’ll open the door of your purpose to you. 


Are you seeking a word – a personal word just for you – from the Lord? If you’re not, you should be. I’m always seeking a word. I need to know what the Lord has for me. I don’t want to miss it, so I just outright ask Him, “Lord, I need a word. Do you have one for me?”

When I began seeking God for prophetic phrases for the year, one of the big phrases He gave me was “alignment for assignment.” I recognized right away it was a personal word for me. There were opportunities in front of me that were good things. But they weren’t my assignment of rescuing slaves, feeding the hungry, and giving orphans a home.

Then, I realized that word was for OpenDoor Church and the entire body of Christ. “Alignment for assignment” is a huge word for these end times. I had never heard that before, but when I preached on it at my New Beginnings Conference in January, when I put it out there, prophets all over the nation began to say the same thing.

My friends, the time is short and the fields are white! People are going to hell in the proverbial hand basket, so it’s imperative we know our assignment. Once we know our assignment, it’s also imperative we’re not distracted.

Distraction is a simple tool the enemy uses to keep you from entering your Promised Land. And if you are already in your Promised Land, he wants to keep you from planting seeds. He’ll do anything to keep you from a harvest.

That’s why alignment for assignment is so important. There are a lot of good things you can be involved with, but there’s a big difference between something being good and something being God. 

Do you know your assignment? Ask the Lord for a word. Go after it until He answers you. If you know your assignment, are you in alignment going after all God has for you? Or are you distracted and disabled by the enemy? Align yourself. Eternal lives depend on it.

“Only, as the Lord has assigned to each one, as God has called each, in this manner let him walk. And so I direct in all the churches.” – 1 Corinthians 7:17