I gave My Son because I love you! He willingly gave His life because He loves you. By His blood, you are made righteous. You think you’re not worthy. I know you’re worth every drop.


Satan tried to pollute the bloodline of Christ by getting Cain to kill his brother Abel. Abel was supposed to be in the line of Jesus. When that didn’t work, satan tried to pollute it through Seth, the son Adam and Eve had after Abel’s murder. God transferred the bloodline to Seth. 

That’s when the devil got a new plan to pollute the whole earth. Somehow the demons manifested themselves physically and literally had sex with women to try and pollute the bloodline that way. Some of those people manifested themselves as giants. The entire Philistine nation was a product of that. 

What was that really about? The blood.

Here’s what I want to throw at you: the bloodline that starts at Abraham then goes to Isaac, and then to Jesus, speaks righteousness upon those who have faith. The blood speaks. It speaks righteousness upon behalf of those who have faith in Jesus.

Think about that because here’s the deal: when the world hates the Jews, whether they know it or not, they hate the Jews because of their blood. The reason they hate the Jews because of their blood is because it says, “You’re saved.” 

You are the reason the world hates the Jews because the blood speaks upon your behalf. For the Body of Christ to hook up with a demonic, racist spirit against any color of folk and against the Jews, is a demonic agenda because the blood speaks. The reason the devil hates the blood is because he hates you.

“Much more then, since we have now been declared righteous by His blood, we will be saved through Him from wrath.” – Romans 5:9

Read that aloud, “we are righteous by His blood.” That just makes my baby leap! The blood of Jesus speaks about you – your identity, purpose, and destiny. Don’t let the enemy pollute it.