Awaken, oh sleeper! I’m calling on you to pursue your passions – for Me and the purposes I’ve set aside for you. Seek Me and you’ll find deep revelation as well as deep meaning for your life.


There’s stuff you can do in summer that you can’t do in fall. There are things you can’t do in winter that you can do in spring. It’s all about timing. We need to be in alignment with God’s timing and seasons so we can be motivated for Kingdom purposes. 

You and I are not going to sit in the nose-bleed section and watch what God does from afar. We’re actually going to get engaged in ministry and people’s lives. The Bible says to “take up” things. That means to actually put your hands on it, walk in it, and to get engaged.

Because of this, at the beginning of each year, I seek the Lord for prophetic directives and phrases. The book of Psalms is full of prophetic phrases and dramatically crafted expressions of language. Why is that? Because God wants you to be able to take a phrase and use it like a headline or a bullet point. The more you chew on it, the more of the actual article you discover. You’re “taking it up.”

For me, a big prophetic phrase out of the book of Psalms is “my feet drip with butter.” What?! As I chewed on this, researched it, and “took it up,” I discovered what it means. Everywhere I go, I am leaving tracks that look like the goodness of God. Butter always represents goodness and the best things in life. 

When the Father showed everybody the Promised Land, He called it a land “flowing with milk and with honey.” The word “milk” is actually the word “butter.” It is a land flowing with butter and with honey. 

As I chewed on this further, I discovered butter has to be produced, and it is produced by human beings in cooperation with cows. That means “taking it up” or engaging in something. When we go after these things, when we pursue God and stay motivated in the right season, there is an alignment for our Kingdom assignment that cannot be stopped. 

Do you want that? Your alignment for your assignment? Consider the season you’re in. Seek the Lord and ask for a word. He’ll give you one, you know. He’ll speak and if you line up with Him, you’ll be neck deep in your destiny because butter is always better. Always.

“So then we pursue the things which make for peace and the building up of one another.” – Romans 14:19