Today I have gone before you. Choose to follow Me knowing I have tailor-made this day to show you Myself and My love for you. As you serve others you are really serving Me.


I believe in preaching the Gospel and it is powerful. The upgrade of preaching the Gospel is demonstrating the Gospel. Jesus did not only come to preach the Gospel but to demonstrate the power of serving by healing the sick, setting the captive free, and giving sight to the blind, thus showing us what the upgrade looks like.

Serving is power because serving is demonstrating.

The Corinthians expected Paul to be a rockstar, but they were really disappointed in him. He wasn’t enjoyable to look at. He wasn’t much fun to be around. What? The guy grew up a Pharisee and he was no fun to be around!? Who knew! 

Furthermore, they expected him to be this awesome preacher and he didn’t live up to their expectations. Paul says it this way:  

“…my speech and my preaching were not with enticing words of man’s wisdom, but in demonstration of the Spirit and of power…” – 1 Corinthians 2:4

He’s like, “You missed the upgrade because of my silly stupid voice. You couldn’t get past it and you missed it.” By the way, Acts 20:9-10 says that as Paul was preaching there was a brother sitting in the window asleep. He fell, broke his neck and died. Man, that stopped a church service! 

But in true demonstration of the Gospel, Paul walked over and raised him up from the dead. Now that will get your attention!

Paul was a great writer, but he was probably not a very good speaker. He basically tells them, “I didn’t come to you with words, but I’m going to blow your mind by showing you what I’m preaching about.” Serving is power because serving is demonstrating.

Serving and selflessness are where the love of God is. The love of God changes everything. It’s powerful. The power of God is revealed in the context of serving. I believe with all my heart that as the Church returns to serving, the miraculous will return too. Let’s trust God to show us opportunities to serve today.