I whisper to you in quiet moments when your mind is still enough to hear My words being spoken over and into you. Listen. Hear what I Am saying. I Am speaking identity and destiny into you. I Am your God and you are My beloved child.


Here’s what’s real when it comes to intimacy because if you don’t understand this biblical principle, you will miss the power of God. 

When I’m talking about intimacy, I’m actually talking about the privileges that come with relationship. When you don’t respect those privileges, when you fail to keep them exclusive and special – you tend to lose those privileges. 

Whether it’s friendship, family, or the covenant of marriage, intimacy comes with the promise of exclusivity.  You have to keep intimacy special. 

“I am my beloved’s, and my beloved is mine: he feedeth among the lilies.” – Song of Solomon 6:3

Here’s a lesson from Intimacy 101: If you share something in secret with your friend, that’s privileged information because of your relationship with that friend. When you betray their trust and tell that secret to those outside your relationship, a bond is broken.

Worse yet, when you blast their secrets on Facebook for the whole world to know, that relationship changes. You have to learn to respect the privileges of relationship or there will be no relationship.

A man who talks openly about his wife’s insecurities will not be married long, just as a wife who reveals her husband’s financial losses or deepest fears will have a hard time ever regaining his trust.

It’s like that with Jesus too. He has a plan for your life that is only yours. He talks to you in ways He doesn’t talk to anybody else about things He doesn’t discuss with anybody but you. That’s your secret place. That’s where the power of God can show up in your life and change everything.

Do you need His power? Get into your secret place and listen for His still small voice. You’re His and He is yours.