I Am a God who knows your heart. My bloodline supernaturally flows through your veins. You are my child. Bought with the high price of My only begotten Son. Paid in full.


My friends, whenever you, by faith, tap into the blood of the Lord Jesus Christ, that blood speaks upon your behalf and declares that your price has been paid. Blood has a voice. 

First, remember that the Hebrew word for blood in Genesis 4:10 is plural – “bloods”. That means the lost generations of promise and the unborn children, who would never see the light of day, were calling out to God for vengeance.

In Hebrews, Jesus blood speaks of better things. Check this out. There are some really cool comparisons between Abel and Jesus, you know:

Abel was a shepherd. Christ is the Good Shepherd. 

    Abel died a violently at the hand of a relative. Christ died a violent death at the hand of His own people. 

         Abel’s blood cried and God heard it. Christ’s blood speaks and God hears it. 

                Abel testified of the righteousness of God. Jesus was the righteousness of God. 

In contrast, while Abel died by force, Christ died willingly. 

   Abel died because of his sacrifice. Christ died as the sacrifice. 

     Abel’s blood cried for revenge. Christ’s blood cries for remission, forgiveness, of our sins. 

         Abel’s blood polluted the ground. Christ’s blood is preserved in heaven.

I want us just to think about what the blood of Abel is crying about and what the blood of Jesus is speaking about because the blood of Jesus carries promises with it. All the lost promises of Abel are being restored in you and me. We are the joy set before Him.

Have you let the blood of Jesus speak better things about you? Cry out to Him and let Him save you. Let Him restore you, forgive you and give you a place in His supernatural bloodline so you can be called a child of God.