Find Me today in an unexpected place. I Am not the God of stained glass windows and altars. I Am a God of personal relationship and intimacy. Continue to seek My Face for I will be found by you.


One of the reasons so much of the Church is faithless is because its experience with God is so minimal. Why does the church have so little faith, especially the American Church? It’s because God doesn’t move in church services.

The American Church, especially, has put God in the box of Sunday at 11 a.m. within these four walls. Most of us simply listen to a sermon on how God moved thousands of years ago and call that “experience” or “growth.”

I call that sad.

If you don’t have powerful encounters with God outside of church, you’re not going to make it. You need to start having powerful encounters with King Jesus and you need to build up a trust between you where you are willing to be more vulnerable than you’ve ever been. 

Hear me on this: every time you get vulnerable with God, He blesses you.

It’s true. You have to go after the secret things of God, then actually experience those things so your faith can build from there. Brother John says it like this:

 “…we have known and believed the love that God has for us…”  – 1 John 4:16

To truly believe, which is faith, you have to know and knowing comes from personal experience. There is faith unto salvation, but that’s not what I’m talking about today. I’m talking about the gift of faith and the gifts must be exercised and walked out. 

If you don’t have ongoing, powerful encounters with Jesus, your relationship will begin to fail and you will find yourself loving God from a distance. Again, that’s just sad. Go after experience with Jesus. Invite Him to move in your life outside of church on days other than Sunday. Dare to bridge the distance.