If you get too puffed-up by your accomplishments, there’s less room for Me. When you decrease, I increase. Let me invade your heart and mind. When you are small, I Am huge.


The smaller you get, the more God will use you. I had a vision and I saw nine small things in a hand. They looked like marbles. I zoomed in on one and it was the jawbone of a donkey. I zoomed in on another and it was a millstone. I also saw a small army, a left hand, and a tent peg among other small items.

I said, “Lord, I don’t know what these things are.” And I heard the voice of the Lord and He said, “These are the nine small things in the book of Judges, search out the matter.” So, I began to search out the matter in the book of Judges and lo, and behold, there were nine small things that God used to do incredible things.

More astonishing than that, the last part of the vision was this: He said, “Troy, the smaller you get, the greater I will use you.”

The still, small voice of God Almighty is not just the description of the voice of God, it is also the description of the heart able to hear and receive the voice of God.

This is the problem, my friends. Many times, we are just too big and too busy to hear the still, small voice of God Almighty. We think too much of ourselves and we have our own agenda that has nothing to do with the Kingdom whatsoever. We have to be people who know how to get still and small before the Lord if we want to do His will and bear fruit.

“Be still and know that I am God.” – Psalm 46:10

Being small puts you in a posture of dependence. It puts you in a place of humility. It is in your weakness that He is strong! If you quiet your world just a tad, you may be able to hear Him speak. When you learn to really hear His voice, that’s when He can use you. So, grow smaller!