I have offered you Myself. I come to you as a Father, a Brother, a Comforter – there are so many ways I have given Myself to you. The cross of Calvary was just the beginning. My Presence is forever.


Do not consider anything without considering the presence of God in your life first. You’re just asking for problems when you don’t bring along the presence.

When you go into a situation, where’s the Presence of God within that situation? Did you look before you leaped? Here’s an example:

One of the things I tell people when it comes to their marriage is this: If you want to end up filing for divorce, all you have do is not consider your life without considering your spouse first. Selfishness is the root of most failed marriages.

Want to avoid the pain and problems? Put your spouse first. Don’t let yourself think about your life without first thinking of your spouse and you’ll look up one day and it’ll be your 30th anniversary. That’s what happens when you seek God’s presence in something and selflessness always ushers in His presence.

Exactly the same way, set your heart before the Lord. Set the Lord before you continually as King David said, and decide right here, right now, that you will not consider anything without considering the presence of God in your life in that situation.

You wouldn’t go into battle without a weapon, would you? Well that’s what the manifest presence of God is. It’s a powerful weapon that drives out doubt and darkness because God Himself is Light and Love. 

Problems or the Presence? It’s your choice. Choose well.