If you’re going to understand Jesus as your King, you need to understand there are roles or “offices” that He has to fulfill in your life – Prophet, Priest, and King.

Just like so many things in the Kingdom, there are three stages here: 

    Outer court, inner court, Most Holy Place. 

        Now abides faith, hope, and love, and the greatest of these is love. 

            Father, Son, Holy Spirit 

                Past, present, future 

                     Sun, moon, stars  

                         Egypt, the wilderness, the Promised Land 

                              Thirty, sixty, 100-fold

Yes, those three stages. It’s good to know Jesus as your Prophet because as a Prophet, He reveals the Word of God and reveals the Father to you. 

As a Priest. He made – and is – the ultimate sacrifice for you. You need to know Him as your Priest. 

But man, you’ve got to know Jesus as your King. As your King, He’s the ultimate one. He rules and reigns in your life, which means He brings peace to your messed up world because His Kingdom is come and His will is being done IN YOU. 

When He is your King, you are a part of His kingdom and you’re all about accomplishing vision for the Kingdom. Is He your King? Are you going after Kingdom things and bringing Jesus into dark places? 

Make Jesus your King of Kings and Lord of Lords. Get off your couch and help somebody by bringing Jesus into their Egypt. As the King, He can lead them out of bondage and into a progressive life of faith, hope and love.



Three is My number for perfect completion. It’s when I rule and reign. Not only Am I Father, Son and Spirit, to you on earth I Am also Prophet, Priest and King. Let Me perfectly complete our relationship. Know Me in each of these ways.