Being blessed in your family is just like being blessed financially: you have to apply the kingdom. If you don’t, you’re not in for the long haul and you’ll never see the harvest. 

When family falls into blessing, it falls into a category of “Kingdom.” Let’s unpack this.

When God was talking about the Kingdom of God, He was really talking about family. Remember, He says, “Our Father, who art in…” Oh wait, wait, wait! Jesus says approach God as if you are family? 

Yes! Do not come to Him like you’re an orphan. Can I tell you something guys? If you come before the Lord as if you are an orphan, you will also be the bride of Christ as if you are a widow. OUCH! 

A big part of the body of Christ – which is the bride of Christ – approaches the Kingdom as if they are widows when they’re not. Just like that, a big part of the body of Christ approaches God as if they are orphans. If they are saved, they are not. 

You and I, my friend, are not widows or orphans. Jesus tells us to be bold – and comfortable enough with our place in the family – to sit down at the table and request our daily bread. “Give us this day…” Father God expects us to need it, so He’s ready to supply it.

Are you approaching your Father in Heaven as if you’re an orphan – undeserving of His love, attention, and provision? Stop it! Let Father God bless and favor you. He can only do that if you’re His child. What’s more – you’re Daddy’s favorite.

Therefore, you are no longer a slave, but a son; and if a son, then an heir through God. – Galatians 4:7



As My child, you don’t have to share My love or My attention. Both of these are limitless so I have enough for everyone. Know that you are My beloved child and My favorite. Come to the table and sup with Me. You know the way.