There’s this incredible thing God does whenever you move from one place into a new place. He wants you to trust Him for “the new thing.” 

The new thing may be a whole new way of living your life or a new way of thinking. It may be a new way to figure things out. Your new thing may be a whole new mindset and it may be a new way of hearing God speak. 

When God moves us from one place into another, He expects us to recognize the change of scenery.

“Behold, I will do a new thing…shall ye not know it?” – Isaiah 43:19

It’s a really big deal for you to know God is doing a new thing, but are you willing

to sacrifice the old thing you know so well for the new thing? If you are, you have to lay down your life.

A good example is the Hebrews during and after the Exodus. Everybody who had lived in Egypt walked a walk that was about knowing God someday. Now that they’re free, they have to know God right now. They have to trust God right now

Once they learned that, the rules changed. When they moved into the Promised Land, they had to have a vision again of “someday,” but they had to partner with God right now to see the someday come to pass.

Don’t be afraid of the new thing. Chase after it! Walk in God’s ways, acknowledge Him and He will direct your path, right to the Promised Land. 



I heard the cries for help from the Hebrews in Egypt and delivered them. I hear your cries as well. Let me help you. Partner with me and we will do new things together.