Remember the passions and dreams I have put in your heart and go after them by continuing to sow into the vision. I will take care of the multiplication.


You know I love to talk about and celebrate miracles. Although they are crazy cool, they are not God’s best for prospering His children. Though it’s not instantaneous, there is a principle that is much, much better and just as miraculous.

You see, God desperately wants to give you a vision for something better – a plan for you to achieve. Then He will give you the ability to maintain that thing. God designed you and I so we’re happiest when we are setting goals and achieving them.

Our lives are fulfilled by having a vision for something better, then finding ways to achieve those goals so you can live in that better place. That’s your promised land and it’s a lot better place to live than from miracle to miracle. It takes hard work, but if hard work alone meant prosperity, every coal miner in West Virginia would be a billionaire!

Here’s how Seed, Time and Harvest – aka work and reward – works:

  1. God gives you a vision for something better. Example: starting your own business.
  2. He gives you a specific plan for that to happen. Example: saving your money and researching locations, costs and regulations.
  3. God hooks you up with the right people and the right tools. 
  4. God gives you the guts and courage to pull it off and maintain it. 
  5. God prospers you so you can be generous with your blessings, or profits, to “seed” back into the church, ministries, people and God’s plans to bless you even more!

Hard work and reward are a lot better than needing a miracle! And if you want to prosper this way, you will need to be dependent on God for three things: wisdom, favor and character. These are the tools God provides when He sets you up for long-term prosperity. Are you ready to sow into His vision for your life?

And Jesus increased in wisdom and stature, and in favor with God and man. – Luke 2:52 

From my sermon series LORD OF THE HARVEST