My grace is sufficient for you. It gives you the ability to overcome hardship, pain, addictions and all this world throws at you. You cannot earn it. It is My gift to you.


It’s only by the grace of God that you can come out of anything. I know this from experience because I’ve come out of a bunch of things. 

I’ve come out of Marlboro country and I want to tell you something, it was a lot harder to quit smoking than it was to quit smoking dope. I’m talking about hardcore hard. Once I quit smoking, I gained 150 pounds. Then, I had to have the grace of God to lose that weight.  

God blessed me with a grace and I quit those things. But man, I had to have the power of God to overcome them. The grace of God is the power – the God-given ability – to overcome, to get past or to come out of something. You could call it an “exit” or “exodus.”

It’s the grace of God that brings your exodus into your life. The number in the Bible that represents grace is the number five. Any time you see grace, God likes to stamp the number five on it. 

  • In Genesis 15:9 God establishes His covenant with Abraham by five sacrifices. 
  • In 1 Samuel 17:45 David picked up five smooth stones to defeat Goliath. 
  • In Exodus 30:23 the holy anointing oil was made of five ingredients. 
  • The word “Christ” is found in the Bible 555 times. 
  • Moses brought the Hebrews out of Egypt in ranks of five.

“Don’t let them come out any way they want to, but they have to come out in ranks of five.” – Exodus 13:18 

If they came out of bondage in ranks of five – grace – so do you! It is the grace of God that enables you to come out from addiction, depression, pornography, anger, financial bondage, loneliness, fear, unbelief, selfishness. What is your stronghold? What do you need to overcome. Ask the Lord for your exodus and go after it!

From my sermon series EXODUS