My Spirit is alive within you. I don’t sleep, get distracted or forget where I Am. I live in you and Am with you in all things. I Am your beloved and you are Mine.


Let me blow your mind a little this morning. While we don’t really know what Jesus looks like, we really do. The face of Jesus is revealed in the book of Revelation, not through a painting or a stone statue, but found through His heart.

Check this out: the four seraphim that fly around God’s throne – each with four different faces on its head – are a great illustration of this. 

The first face is the face of a man. The second is the face of a lion. The third is the face of an ox, and the fourth is the face of an eagle. The seraphim each have six wings and eyes all over its body – front, both sides and behind. That’s some tripped out stuff! What is that all about? 

This: when they worship God and raise their wings, they can see in front, beside and behind them all at the same time. As they circle the throne, they get a prophetic revelation of something amazing Jesus did in the past, is doing now, and is going to do in the future. 

What they see is so cool and so mind-blowing, they constantly cry out, saying, 

“Holy, holy, holy is the Lord God Almighty, Who was, Who is, and is yet to come.” – Revelation 4:8

It’s so life-giving to see how awesome Jesus is. And the most alive place in the universe is the throne room of the Lord Jesus Christ where these tripped out creatures circle the throne as Jesus goes, “Ta-daaaaa!” over and over again. 

Although that happens eternally in heaven, it also should be happening in your life. How?

The throne of Jesus is also in your heart. The ongoing revelation of His goodness to you personally should be going on within you. It’s the whole motivation of why I preach. I pray all the time, “Lord, help me to show people how awesome You are.”

Do you see it? Today is a good day to let Jesus give you a Ta-da moment!