You not only belong to Me, you belong to My Church. I love it when you are active and alive as a member of My Body. Share your gifts and I will pour out even more. The Body of Christ needs you as much as you need it. 


Depending on where you are in the world, one of the things you come across is that tribes are uniquely different. Every tribe has its own weirdo stuff. 

Though it use to be like that here in the United States, it’s not really like that here now. Why? Because everybody has the same media, which is the same language, so everybody can be controlled by the same spirit now. 

It use to be there was a big difference between how Arkansas people acted and how Texas people acted. The cultures were completely different. You could just tell as soon as you were around somebody, you knew what region they were from. That’s a tribal understanding.

What do you value? What are you dedicated to? What things does your culture emphasize? Those things are tribal. Those things have to do with the people you self-identify with. 

My tribe makes a big deal out of Jesus. We are dedicated to the least of these – the slave, widow, leper and orphan. We take care of the poor and don’t pressure them to become part of our church. Our culture emphasizes the presence of the Holy Spirit. Yes, we camp out around the Spirit, not a sermon. 

My tribe worships with abandon and goes after upgrade and every spiritual gift Jesus is offering. We want more of Him so we can bring more people to Him. My tribe considers the unsaved as prisoners of a cosmic war between Satan and the One True God. We refuse to see them as wonton sinners unworthy of grace. 

I love my tribe here at OpenDoor Church. If this sounds like you, we have the same tribal understanding. We’re just as weird as you are.

Then make me truly happy by agreeing wholeheartedly with each other, loving one another, and working together with one mind and purpose. – Philippians 2:2

From my sermon series I LOVE MY TRIBE