Put everything you’re involved in right now down at the feet of Jesus. He will tell you the things He’ll handle Himself and the ones He wants to help you with as you seek Him.


Alignment for assignment is all about fighting the right battles. 

Open Door Church is called to fight the battle of poverty and hunger through our food bank and homeless outreach. We are called to fight the battle for freedom from slavery. We do that through Answer International. We are also called to give orphans a new family name – Christ-ians – through our SPARK Worldwide orphanages.

There are a lot of other great things out there – Kingdom things – that we could be involved in. However, we would be out of alignment because we were not specifically called to do those things. When I say called, I mean God has placed a holy hatred for that thing in my heart as the pastor and in our hearts collectively as a congregation.

I don’t want to fight the wrong battles. That never ends well because God didn’t give me the grace to win on that battlefield. 

It’s easy to be fascinated with things that are not your assignment. Ministries other people or churches are doing, and doing well, are their assignment. Don’t go coveting what they have. Why? Because God has a personal, specific purpose for you. 

For we are God’s handiwork, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do. – Ephesians 2:10

Yes, your purpose is yours alone. Line up with it and leave your hands off the good things others are doing!

So what is your assignment? What has God put before you and given you grace to conquer for His Glory? If you don’t know or aren’t sure, ask Him for a word of confirmation. Let Jesus show you how He wired you to win the war against Satan.

From my sermon series: EXODUS