Seek and you shall find Me. My face is always shining upon you. It makes me so happy when you feel My presence and turn back to me. You have all my attention and all my affection. I am limitless. 


How Jesus Christ is revealed to us is not through an image. Jesus reveals Himself to us through the Ta-Da! 

It’s the moment where the lightbulb goes on, the bombshell drops or the lightning bolt strikes. It’s during that moment of clarity that Jesus shows up and get this – it’s always personal. Always. 

So here’s the deal. Are ya’ll ready for something that should make you just plain jealous? There is a way that Jesus has shown up to me that He probably won’t ever show up to you. 

What? Before you get your big boy or girl pants in a knot, I’m also going to tell you this: I’m jealous of you. Why? Because there is a way Jesus has shown up to you that He probably won’t ever show up to me.

Jesus, like His encounters, is so personal. When we worship an image of Jesus, we miss out on the personal part of it. That’s when we start to make idols that resemble Jesus, instead of encountering Him in new and amazing ways.

See, everything in the Kingdom is relational before it is functional. If it’s not relational, it is simply dysfunctional. That’s why the face of Jesus in the New Testament is not revealed through a stone statue or painted picture, but through His heart.

Your Jesus encounters are not going to be anything like mine. How Jesus shows up to you is not how He reveals Himself to me because He knows how you need to see Him, and How I need to experience Him. He’s out for maximum impact and to do that, Jesus get’s personal. He puts His whole heart into it.

Have you seen Him lately? Do you need a personal encounter with your king, burden-bearer, big brother or God Himself? Seek His face. You’ll find His heart.

Seek the LORD and His strength; Seek His face continually. – 1 Chronicles 16:11

From my sermon series JESUS UNVEILED