Are you tuned in to My voice? I Am always speaking to you, singing over you, leading you through My journey for you. Talk to me, but also listen. I know the plans I have for you.


Prophetic phrases are like anointed headlines or bullet points. The more you embrace the headline, the more you understand what the whole article is saying. 

Prophetic phrases are important because they’re easy to carry around so you can be dedicated to the contemplation of the subject. It’s not just a discipline you have, it’s prophetic lifestyle you live. 

Here’s what’s real: you’re either going to sit around talking about idle things or you’re going to sit around contemplating what it is God’s speaking into your life.

If your passion is hearing God speak, and if you have a huge value for hearing His voice in a variety of ways and places, you will begin to go after this. You will hear Him in the storm that just passed, the headlines of your newspaper, the numbers on your dry cleaning receipt and the color of the sunset over your house. He’s always speaking, but we’re not always listening.

God’s voice thunders in wonderful ways, he does great things we cannot understand. – Job 37:5

Every December, I fast, pray and go after hearing God speak prophetic phrases into my life. I want to know what His plan for me in the upcoming year is. I want to know what to go after, what to expect, and what to protect. You should too. 

Remember how I always tell you God blesses pursuit? Well, in the Prophetic, pursuit is the only way to qualify for the gift. We have to go after it and once we get it, exercise it. This builds our prophetic muscle so that it becomes easier to hear God and easier to understand the message.

Are you giving your prophetic side a workout? It is a discipline, a lifestyle? If you want to hear God speak into your life, it takes action. Pursue the prophetic. It will put you in alignment for your assignment.