Anger and offense are some of the enemies favorite tools to bring chaos into your life, relationships and ministry. Forgive and ask for forgiveness often. I desire unity, not chaos and I’ve made you to be one Church. 


God does not expect you to have a weedless harvest. He just expects a harvest out of your life. The fields in your life – your marriage, family, job, money, health – do not belong to you. You are a steward of these territories. 

Just like that, the harvest does not belong to you either. If you’ve got a field and you’re sick and tired of it because it’s got so many weeds that you want to set it on fire and be done, I have an option for you. 

See, I know from experience that if you can produce the tiniest harvest in it, the Lord Jesus Christ will show up and He’ll remove all the weeds. 

I’ve had relationships with people in my church, close relationships where I couldn’t imagine doing ministry without that person. Something small happens – real or imagined – they get offended and BOOM! They’re gone. They never speak to me again and they let everyone know it was my fault.

That’s torching a field. That relationship and the ministry we were working on together went up in flames and they refused to let me fix it. God is never glorified by that. 

How you produce a harvest is you lay down your life in that field. In the times I’ve been able to humble myself and talk it out, the field has been saved. The harvest may be small, but Jesus always shows up and pulls the weeds – the issues and idiots that mess things up in the first place.

Selflessness produces a harvest and Jesus is always pruning us. He’s the Lord of the Harvest, so let Him do His job. Give Him a harvest no matter how small.

Do nothing out of selfish ambition or vain conceit. Rather, in humility, value others above yourselves. – Philippians 2:3