New Beginnings 2017


(MARCH 27-29, 2017)

Uncover the prophetic interpretation in heaven’s language of types, symbols and codes.

A prophetic conference revealing the mysteries of biblical symbols and parables. 

Discover how to interpret dreams, recognize prophetic patterns and hear the voice of God through national events and your personal circumstances. 


The proceeds from your subscription will be used to purchase women and children out of sexual slavery, never to be hurt again. In addition your membership, will care for the daily needs of orphans through SPARK Worldwide; offering them the life-giving message of a good God who loves them.

Blessings and peace on you, my friends. The Lord is doing amazing things and it’s my privilege to invite you to be part of a huge upgrade at Troy Brewer Ministries –

Yes, I’ve launched my very own web-based TV service to help you discover your destiny and the reality of Jesus in your everyday life. It is important to me that these empowering prophetic programs take you to a deeper level of knowledge and relationship with King Jesus as you pursue His Kingdom purpose for your life. is your backstage pass into all things Troy Brewer, including:

  • Conferences

  • Teaching Series

  • School of Prophecy

  • School of Ministry

  • Exclusive Content with special guests and more!

These programs will give you creative insights into the heart of Jesus. You’ll be armed for the battles ahead as you experience life-giving transformation and Kingdom upgrade.