I Am My beloved’s and My beloved is Mine. You are My beloved. I so loved you, I sacrificed My own life to bring you into right relationship and unity with Me. Words cannot express the miracle of redemption, but I will tell you this: you are worth it!


The Apostle Paul was not a great speaker. People who heard him preach were generally underwhelmed and disappointed. But his letters? They are something else!

Paul is a writer and untold millions are still reading his words over 2,000 years after his glorious death. So, you don’t have to take my word for it that Paul was very descriptive, had a command of words and knew how to talk. Yet, when it came to him trying to explain Jesus, he just says, “Indescribable.” 

“Praise be to God for His indescribable gift.” – 2 Corinthians 9:15

It’s not that there are too many words that describe Jesus so Paul decided to make it brief, it’s that there aren’t enough words to describe Him. Indescribable. 

Is that how you know Him? Is your walk with Him so intimate and personal that you just don’t have the vocabulary to put it into words? If it’s not, it should be and that’s up to you.

Let me just encourage you to live an indescribable life with the Lord Jesus Christ. You should have miracles happening in your life that you can’t explain. You should see mind-blowing revelation and the blossoming of the Fruit and the Gifts of the Spirit in your daily life.

There needs to be a place in your walk with the Lord Jesus Christ that you just can’t explain. And know this: you don’t have to explain it to anyone. That’s called intimacy. It’s when you belong to Jesus and He belongs to you, and you’ve got this conversation going between you that only means something to the two of you. 

How do you tell someone else about it? You don’t. Like Mary, you “hide it away in your heart” and consider it day and night until it all comes to fruition. You can try to write it down, and I encourage you to journal those things but don’t be surprised if there are not enough words to describe the indescribable one.